Quotes from the Writings of Nichiren

Daily quotes from the Writings of Nichiren Vol. 1 & 2

Daisaku Ikeda

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“I AM NOT OBLIGED to fall into decline. I am not obliged to be miserable. I have a right to be happy. The honest and true have a right to triumph.
I despise the arrogant. Irrespective of their status or celebrity, they will remain strangers to a genuinely fulfilling life.
I love people who sincerely work on their continuing growth and development. How sublime it is to look up at the heavens and converse with the stars after a discussion meeting — on cold winter nights, on sweltering summer nights, on cool spring and autumn nights. I have won again today.  I have savored life’s essence.”

~by Daisaku Ikeda, p. 26, Men of Dedication & Commitment chapter, from pamphlet MEN Shining with Youthful Brilliance, Guidance to Men of the SGI-USA

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