Quotes from the Writings of Nichiren

Daily quotes from the Writings of Nichiren Vol. 1 & 2

A single ordinary human thought…

A society that has sacrificed so much to material wealth that it has forgotten the human heart and the better human aspirations degenerates into something compassionless, doctrinaire, ignorant and ultra-conservative.  When this happens fundamental solutions to calamities become impossible.  If we protect the truth and are resolute,  we are capable of creating peace and prosperity.  And the truth we must protect ought to be high and great.

Our great truth — the thing that we must protect to the utmost — involves ethics and the best of human nature.   But more basic than anything else is our duty to guard the truth of life, the truth that we and the universe are one, and that a single ordinary human thought contains the entirety of universal life.

by Daisaku Ikeda


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